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Saddle Butte Ranch has become a safe harbor for an endangered species: the Aberdeen Angus! Less than 200 breeding cows of true Aberdeen Angus exist today. They are listed in the Rare Breeds Survival Trust in England. Today on Saddle Butte Ranch all Angus bulls are native to Scotland. It is with a feeling of privilege and anticipation that we are developing a herd to become the most important source in the U.S. for this important breed.                 

In the county of Angus, Scotland, naturally polled, black cattle still roam the countryside just as they have for centuries. Taking the Angus story back to where it all began, “Lines of Angus County” shares a personal look at the Angus breed from Angus county natives who fought to keep the original lines of Angus cattle from extinction.

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The goal at Arrawatta Station, in the lush Northern Tablelands of New South Wales,  is to produce the ultimate in grass fed and finished beef.

The key components of any beef production process are cattle genetics, feed quality and management of cattle, grasses, and soil. Owners John and Susan Hendry believe that by combining the best grass conversion cattle genetics with the best Australian grasslands and using the best grazing management techniques, Arrawatta Station can produce the best grass fed and finished beef in the world.


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